DNA plush dolls coming 2013!

One year after the Kickstarter campaign and two years since the initial idea and prototype, the Biochemies DNA Molecule Plush Dolls are *almost* ready for the market!  They will be available early 2013, but unfortunately they will not make this holiday season.  Thanks for everyone’s encouragement and support!

In the meantime, I wish you…

Explanation: There are 20 amino acids that string together to make up every protein in the human body.  Each amino acid has a one-letter designation, so Histidine (H) - Alanine (A) - Proline (P) … you get the idea.  The only odd one is Pyrrolysine (O), which is only found in some bacteria and archaea. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

While the plush of the flask was cute, it was picked at first because it was simple.  For the next project, I decided to do DNA bases with the cute idea that they would magnetically stick where the hydrogen bonds are suppose to be!  After 2 weeks of work, the prototypes are done.  I’m thinking of potentially taking them to market.

"The best way to capture girls’ attention is with plushies!" I said lightheartedly while playing with an Android plush doll on my way to a tech conference in January 2011.

Something sparked.  Two weeks later, this was made.

I’ve never sewed anything before, but with a trip to the fabric store and some googling, Bio+chemies is now a plush toy!